Ensuring your business idea turns into results.

A global e-commerce solution specializing in beauty-products that delivers solutions to empower your business and make sure you succeed.

Risk Management

We closely analyze all your data to make sure your business is performing at peak efficiency.

Customer Service

We provide customer service automation that reduces the load on your CS staff and we make sure your customer service staff is always up to the task.

Traffic Optimization

We provide traffic monitoring as well as suggestions how to reach bigger audience with your campaigns.

Online Payment Solutions

We provide an e-payment solution and help you setup your e-payment system.

Automated Customer Support
Boost your Success

We provide you with an automated customer service interface that provides customers with an interactive interface that lets them solve some issues without the need of Live Customer Support Agents. We also monitor CS agents performance and give feedback how to improve their efficiency.

Unified Platfom
Automated Modules
Satisfied Users

We dispute Chargebacks
Reduce your Chargeback Rate

Our system monitors customer’s charge-backs requests to prevent fraud and also strives to eliminate charge-backs altogether by alerting you of potential charge-backs even before they happen. We also provide you with a charge-back dispute solution making you e-commerce business simpler to run. 

About Us

We specialize in providing marketers a platform that allows both automation and control over their e-commerce campaigns. We also provide you with the tools to have better control over the entire Customer Service department by optimizing your Live Staff time and take care of minor customer issues automatically. 

Your e-commerce business success is our ultimate goal and we constantly improve our platform to make that happen.

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